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About Rekart

We are an advanced waste management company which can readily deal with the ever growing need of today’s smart cities, municipalities and corporates.

We have successfully created an IoT based model which is financially viable, operationally easy and environmentally friendly.

We are not a traditional waste management company but a technology driven business who can solve and automate the process of waste management. It is “how we do it” which separates us from the others in the market.

We provide smart collection, transportation, disposal and recycling operations to RWAs, individuals, companies, small businesses (like kabadiwallas) who are into waste management and other companies who need to meet their Extended Producer's Responsibility (EPR) obligations.

You can call us on (+91) 920 519 3945

Our Mission

We aim towards bringing technologically advanced but environmental friendly solutions that can help communities and businesses to become sustainable.

Meet the minds behind Rekart

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Anurag Tiwari


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Rishabh Bhatia