End to End solutions

End to End solutions

The smart city drive is rapidly changing the way urban areas are growing in India. With increase in waste generation, its environmental impact and the operational cost of managing it smart waste management solutions is of utmost importance.

Municipal bodies, industries, hospitals and other important stakeholders are expected to move beyond traditional waste management systems and adopt innovative technologies which result in more integrated solutions.

We can help you streamline this process and design solutions to manage waste efficiently.

We provide end to end solutions for
  • Municipalities
  • Government bodies
  • Industries
  • Health Sector
  • Hospitality sector
  • Residential community
  • Airports and Railway stations
  • Others who are looking for integrated waste management solutions
Our Services include:
  • Collection, transportation and disposal of Municipal Solid Waste
  • Segregation of the post consumer recyclable waste
  • Management of the landfills
  • Co-ordinating with compost plants and waste to resource plants in order to increase recycling
  • Optimising waste management processes using IoT based technologies

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