Technology Enabled Solutions

Technology Enabled Solutions


Indian cities lack IoT enabled infrastructure which can ensure smart collection and transportation of municipal solid waste to a waste-to-resource centre in commercially viable quantities.

The Government is now focusing on the development of smart cities by integrating latest technologies and data driven initiatives with an aim to fulfil the expectations of a modern citizen.

We help in achieving these goals by providing smart collection, handling and disposal of municipal solid waste.

Our waste management systems can help smart cities reduce operational costs involved in waste management and thereby become an active participant in the circular economy.


47,00,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste or MSW (or 3 million trucks worth of garbage) is generated DAILY in the world and it is expected to increase to 60,00,000 tonnes

By 2100, the growing global urban population will produce three times as much waste as it does today. How we deal with this waste will be of most importance.

14,00,000 tonnes of garbage is generated by India alone.
Of the total, only 83% is collected.
Out of the 83% that is collected, ONLY 29% of Municipal Solid Waste is treated.
What technology do we use?
Clean Kart:

Clean Kart (or Smart Bin) is an IoT fill level sensor which can be attached to any waste bin (plastic or metal). It helps Rekart estimate the level of waste in the container. The advanced and secured sensor technology of Rekart enables it to detect both solid and liquid waste in the bin upto a height of 10 to 15 feet. The Clean Kart also sends real time data on the fill level to the administrator at regular intervals. This helps in optimizing the waste collection process.

Clean Route:

It is a Route Planning and Management System which helps in tracking the routes of the auto tippers. Clean route is based upon the data available from the waste containers. It also provides you a predictive analysis, so you can optimise routes for the auto tippers. It is an interactive platform which enables you to increase your operational efficiency by 70%

Integrated System:

Rekart’s integrated system can provide you an end-to-end solution. It starts with obtaining the fill level of the waste bin and generating a defined route for the waste collection. An integrated system would automate your complete waste collection process and make it easy to handle. The bins shall be mounted with the Clean Kart sensor and the sensor shall communicate with the online Clean Route Portal to give you a detailed report and a planned route every day.

Who can use this technology?
  • NGO’s and Resident Welfare Associations
  • Waste collection and transportation companies who want to optimize their resources and in- crease profitability
  • Corporates wanting to meet their Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR)
  • Municipalities to track waste for reducing load on landfills, increasing recycling and optimizing transportation

At the heart of our systems is the IoT technology that deploys intelligent devices to monitor and automate waste management.