Mr. Anurag Tiwari

Co-Founder Rekart over the years has shown by our actions and performance that we not only intend to improve the present waste management scenario in India but really have a sustainable approach towards waste management which we have managed to deliver by committed to working with zeal and determination.

Mr. Rishabh Bhatia

Co-Founder Rekart's journey in the waste management sector with collaboration along with leading brands for EPR stands as a testament of how goodwill and a desire to create a better environment for future is possible by conscious actions.


Rekart is the vision of Mr. Anurag Tiwari & Mr. Rishabh Bhatia aims to change the waste management scenario in India with innovation being at the center of every solution. Rekart has been instrumental since the very beginning having started off as a demand tech platform way back in 2016, we progressed from that with our first successful project of Daily Waste Collection on a Subscription Based System at Gurgaon. Further Rekart in 2017 set up Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) in Gurgaon and in 2018 joined forces with UNDP and Coca-Cola to set up a MRF at Gurgaon and also worked with Jodhpur Nagar Nigam in order to set up a door to door collection system. For the year 2019 Rekart executed "Integrated Waste Management system" for Jodhpur Military Station and has also set up a MRF plant at Jodhpur in association with UNDP and Coca-Cola. Scaling things up in 2020 Rekart has collaborated with several ULB in states like Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, UP, Bihar, Gujarat just to name a few for EPR.