How to Avail EPR Services
16 July,2021
How to Avail EPR Services

If you are looking for ways you could implement EPR then here is a good insight into what the process of EPR looks like. 

Well basically first we need to address what is Extended Producers Responsibility it can be termed as the process that puts upon the onus of environmentally sound management of materials like Plastic waste or E-waste onto the Producer or Brand Owners (also know as PIBO). 

What this basically is a type of Producers Pays Principles which holds the producers responsible for the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Plastic waste and E-waste has been made mandatory under Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 and E-waste Management rules PIBOs usually collaborate with Producers Responsibility Organization (PRO) who would help them execute their EPR plans and achieve their targets. 

Here are the 5 steps by which you can get your EPR done :

1. Registration with CPCB 

In order to start with first registration with CPCB is required which would involve the submission of a few relevant documents needed by CPCB. 

2. Define your targets 

Once you have successfully registered you need to set targets according to your manufacturing capacity etc 

3. Select your Disposal Partners. 

There are various PROs who offer varied services choose the ones who provide you with transparent and traceable dealings. 

4. Collection through PROs 

PRO often tie-up with Urban Local Bodies to carry out their waste collection and then direct this waste to recycling facilities or recovery facilities 

5. File your Returns 

File your half-yearly and annual return. 

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