Why is single use plastic being banned in India from 1st July 2022
22 March,2023
Why is single use plastic being banned in India from 1st July 2022

From July first, 2022, the Union government will ban single-utilized plastic. Single-use plastics, especially those made of polystyrene and extended polystyrene. It will be against the law to create, import, stock, appropriate, sell, and utilize beginning on July 1, 2022, across the country. A public undertaking bunch has likewise been laid out by the Environment Ministry to put forth planned attempts around here.

34 lakh of plastic waste were generated in 2019-20 and 30.59 lakh tons in 2018-19.

As per information shared by the priest, over the most recent five years, the amount of plastic waste in the nation has dramatically increased, as the nation delivered 15.89 lakh lots of plastic waste in 2015-16.

Items included in the banned list are:

Earbuds, plastic balloon sticks, flags, candy sticks, ice-cream sticks, polystyrene (thermocol), plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, straws, trays, wrapping or packaging films around sweets boxes, invitation cards, cigarette packets, plastic or PVC banners less than 100 micron, and banners made of less than 100 microns thick are among the 19 items identified as SUP.

Issues Caused by Plastic Bags

  • Non-Biodegradable: Plastic packs are non-biodegradable. Consequently, discarding plastics is the greatest test.
  • Crumbling of Environment: They are annihilating nature because of their hurtful impact. Plastic packs have turned into the primary driver of land contamination today. The plastic packs going into the water bodies are a significant  reason for water contamination. Subsequently, we can presume that these are crumbling our current circumstances in every way under the sun.
  • Destructive for Animals and Marine Creatures: Creatures and marine animals unwittingly devour plastic particles alongside their food. Research shows that squandered plastic packs have been a significant justification behind troublesome creature passing's.
  • Reason for Illness in Humans: The creation of plastic sacks discharges poisonous synthetic substances. These are the primary driver of difficult ailments. The dirtied climate is a significant justification behind different sicknesses which are spreading effectively in people.
  • Obstructed Sewage: Squander plastic packs are the fundamental justification for catching the channels and sewers, particularly during downpours. This can bring about a flood-like circumstance and upset the ordinary existence of individuals.


Albeit plastic is turning into a major danger for us all, still, this issue has frequently been ignored and misjudged. This is on the grounds that individuals don't take a gander at the drawn-out impact of these little, simple to convey sacks they use in their daily existence. Other than these individuals hold utilizing sacks because of their accommodation. Yet, presently everybody needs to quit utilizing the plastic pack to totally save our current circumstances and the earth.                                                          

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